Money-Back Guarantee

We take pride in delivering high-quality editing/proofreading services and meeting the requirements of our clients. We do everything possible to ensure you feel secure when placing an order with us. That is why we have developed a clear, progressive, and, what is more important, customer-oriented money-back guarantee. It provides you, as the Customer, with full control of the order process, giving you the possibility to cancel the order at any stage. All requests are processed within 24 hours, so you won’t need to wait weeks to hear back from us. If you face some issues and would like to receive a refund – please refer to the section most relevant to your issue and follow the steps below:

My document was not completed on time

It rarely happens when we are not able to deliver on time. We understand how important it is to meet the deadline and all the reasons behind it. Our Ph.D. editors are professionals in the field, and they always try to fulfill requests and provide you with a paper by the original deadline. However, unpredictable circumstances may occur. If that happens, and the editor is not able to deliver the first version of the paper, we will provide you with a full refund. To notify the support team agent that either you can no longer wait for the document, or the assignment is no longer needed, please Contact Us within 24 hours of the original order deadline.

If the paper is uploaded late or revisions were returned late, but you still want to use it, a full refund is not possible. Please contact our support team for reimbursement details.

Important: If lateness occurs due to delayed submission of the instructions, materials or important clarifications, our team cannot be held responsible. Yet, we always think of you first, and if such a situation occurs, we advise you to notify our team immediately.

I placed two orders, but I need only one

If you have noticed that you paid for 2 or more orders with the same task, but you need only one, please contact our support team to inform which order you’d like to keep. You will immediately be assisted on this matter.

If you are not sure how many orders you have paid for, we also advise you to contact us to resolve any misunderstandings. The support team is always here for you.

I paid for one order several times

If you notice that you were charged several times for 1 order, we urge you to contact us right away. In your claim, please provide the screenshots of your bank statement showing the duplicate transactions or receipts from the payment processing system. The request will be reviewed and, in case duplicate transactions are confirmed, they will be refunded within 12 hours. It could take 72 hours for the refund to clear with your banking or credit institution.

I am not entirely satisfied with the quality of the editing/proofreading service

If you want to cancel an order that is still in progress, please contact our support team and specify the reason behind the cancellation. Our customer representative agent will contact you within 6 hours after we receive such a request to confirm details, reasons, and the preferred method for a refund.

If you are not satisfied with the quality of the provided paper, you have 3 days of the Order deadline to send your complaint along with detailed comments on what instructions were not followed and aspects that need improvement. We will revise the paper for free within 14 days of the Order deadline if the instructions are not fully covered. Once the paper is revised, you have 3 days to review it and raise any additional complaints by contacting our support team via the Contact Us page. Upon contact, please be ready to provide a detailed explanation of problematic areas. Our Resolution Department will review your claim within 24 hours and contact you with a compensation offer.

If no comment or complaint is provided within 3 days’ period, the paper is considered edited/proofread per your expectations and your requirements; thus, no further reimbursement will be possible.

In the event a full refund is issued for the completed order, Ubiquity Consulting keeps the authorship of the work and can post it online for educational purposes or sale. That means the text of the paper will be easily found by search engines and anti-plagiarism software and may be traced back to our Website. After posting, we won’t be able to remove the paper from the web-page’s and search engine’s cache.